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June 10, 2020

3 Month Membership


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Get What the Pros Read:

Originally developed for FX professionals, economists, analysts and traders at bank proprietary desks, hedge funds, central banks, and big multinational companies. In 1999, we offered the same powerful analysis to the “retail” FOREX market and have done so, ever since!

  • First-class analysis from a real economist and experienced FX market-watcher with 30 years of experience and no ax to grind
  • Analysis by a long-time professional, not a newcomer and not a fly-by-night
  • Not a broker or trying to “sell” you a trade
  • Morning report has simple format in three parts–prices, commentary, easy-to-read charts
  • Succinct, not 40 pages long like the reports from the big investment banks



  • For corporate trials, please contact us


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