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The Foreign Exchange Matrix

The Foreign Exchange Matrix is the go-to book for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the world of foreign exchange. Barbara Rockefeller and Vicki Schmelzer draw on their combined 50 years’ experience in foreign exchange to cut through the clutter and provide an elegant and razor-sharp look at this market.

Technical Analysis for Dummies

Study the data, measure your risk, and win in the market! Sick of losing in the market? Tired of relying on other people’s investment advice? Don’t worry! Technical Analysis For Dummies is the smart way to get on a winning track. This straightforward, non-intimidating guide explains the principles of technical analysis and provides tools you need to develop guidelines you can trust — your own.

The Global Trader

The Global Trader provides you with proven strategies, guidelines, and tools for trading in global markets. Easy-to-understand examples, charts, and graphs give you the best chance to learn and profit from some of the best global opportunities available today. With The Global Trader you’ll quickly understand why this form of trading is an exceptional way to generate profits, reduce risk, and diversify your portfolio.

CNBC 24/7 Trading

Nothing has so altered the investment landscape in the past five years as the Internet and the CNBC network. The availability of real-time financial news, data and analysis, and instant order entry and execution have empowered investors and democratized financial markets. Barbara Rockefeller’s CNBC 24/7 Trading is a primer for what’s fast approaching–a trading day that never ends, where at least 500 international stocks can be bought or sold electronically anytime, anywhere.