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Barbara Rockefeller

Barbara Rockefeller is a foreign exchange veteran and technical analysis pioneer. She is an international economist and trader specializing in foreign exchange. She is the publisher of three daily newsletters and author of six books, including Technical Analysis for Dummies and co-author with Vicki Schmelzer of The Foreign Exchange Matrix.

Miss Rockefeller’s newsletters are read by hedge fund managers, big bank trading desks, multinational corporation treasurers, central banks, and individuals. The morning “Daily Currency Briefing” is a synopsis of events and forecasts in spot foreign exchange. The “Daily Futures Trading Recommendations Report” and the “Daily Spot Trading Recommendations” are based on a technical analysis system that is continuously modified.

Prior to starting the newsletter business in 1990, she was the senior risk manager in the international division at Citibank. Before then, Ms. Rockefeller was in the treasury division with a specialization in foreign exchange. Miss Rockefeller lives in Southbury, Connecticut. She has a degree in economics from Reed College and a Masters in international affairs from Columbia University. Miss Rockefeller writes a monthly column on FX for Currency Trader Magazine.

Paul Harris

Paul Harris focuses on the development and implementation of new projects and is the point person for the rollout of the new RTS trade copier. In this capacity, he manages and controls the global RTS trading accounts.
He was previously a senior executive at an American intelligence agency, where among other responsibilities he oversaw an examination of the government’s exposure to the international currency markets and traveled to over 90 countries. Prior to his work for the American government, Paul was a lay councilor at the Vatican. He has degrees in law from Cambridge University and a master’s in international policy studies from Oxford.

Desmond MacRae

Desmond MacRae started Wall Street as an institutional bond salesman, including US government bond sales to foreign central banks and monetary authorities. He also worked as a futures broker, arbitrageur, floor broker and floor trader.

MacRae then became a full-time financial journalist, writing over 530 articles for The Christian Science Monitor, Financial Times, Financial Trader, Global Investment, Global Investor and others. He has covered a wide range of advanced topics such as financial risk management, global securities processing and analyses of specific trading and investment methodologies.