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We have one of the best track records in the business for profitability in FX futures trading. See our track record for both spot and futures in the archives or at the end of every daily trading advisory.


Barbara Rockefeller with Charlie

Barbara Rockefeller with Charlie

What to Expect: The morning report is delivered by 8:45 am Eastern US time every day and the afternoon report is published by 4:15 pm Eastern US time every day. We do not publish on US holidays (like the 4th of July) even when non-US markets are open.

The Morning Report: The Morning Forex Briefing is a summary of press and newswire reports with analysis and commentary. Barbara Rockefeller is a 25-year veteranFX commentator and you will not find more consistently correct and useful work anywhere else. The Briefing contains long-term long/short “orientation” recommendations, plus charts from the US close.The long/short orientation is a trend identification methodology and is not to be confused with actual buy/sell trading advice. All buy/sell trading advice is in the afternoon report.

The Afternoon Report: The FX Futures Trading Advice Report consists of several parts, the first of which is specific buy/sell advice on a single page, with detailed recommended entry and exit levels. Exits are in two forms, stops and profit targets. We aim to trade every currency every day. See the comments on Trading Philosophy and methodology.

The second part of the Afternoon Report is the Contingency Trades we recommend to deal with special circumstances that may develop after a stop or target is hit. The contingency trades are called the “footnote rules” and they are simple and logical. The footnote rule trades mimic what professional traders do at banks and hedge funds. See our discussion of the footnote rule trades in the Trading Philosophy section.

The third part of the Afternoon Report is the hypothetical track record. This calculates the gains and losses an imaginary trader would have made if he had followed every single buy/sell recommendation to the letter and if there is never any slippage. The hypothetical track record does not incorporate brokerage fees, spreads or other charges, nor does it account for slippage. See the discussion of how we calculate the track record and the track records themselves.

The fourth part of the report is a chart package showing one currency per page with multiple indicators and a small amount of commentary that backs up our trading recommendations. We do not disclose the exact weighting of each indicator in the trading model but you can figure it out easily enough if you pay attention. The degree of judgmental override we apply to the models varies from currency to currency and from time to time.

In Spring 2010 we started to publish the afternoon report in spot terms. The spot report starts as a simple translation of the futures report with tweaks and additional chart-reading.  At some point we will ask readers whether they want futures only, spot only or both. In the meanwhile, the trader’s advisory report is available in both spot and futures format.

We very much enjoy getting questions and comments from readers and we answer every email. Please don’t hesitate to write.

Barbara Rockefeller